Will Doctors On Demand accept or bill my insurance?

- NO, to keep prices low and wait time down Doctors On Demand provides care on a cash basis only.   However, we can provide you with a completed billing form (HCFA 1500) which you can use to bill your insurance company for reimbursement if you like.
(Prospect Healthsource IPA patients are able to be seen under their insurance due to a special agreement with Prospect Healthsource.)

What if I have to go to the ER anyway?

- It happens.   You don’t want to go to the ER but sometimes it’s the best course of action.   Any referrals to the ER get a $40 refund as proof of our commitment to meet your needs in our office if at all possible.   If we see that it would be better or safer for you to be seen in an ER, we want to soften the blow.

Does the $90 flat fee cover laceration repairs or procedures like ingrown toenail removals?

- The bad news is no, but the good news is if all you want taken care of is a procedure, the prices are set and available before you see the doctor.   You only pay for the procedure and there is no $90 consult fee.

If I end up seeing a doctor who is listed by my insurance, why doesn’t my insurance cover the visit?

- This is a second job for most of our providers and it is separate from their weekday practice. Doctors On Demand contracts only with you, NOT insurance companies.

Do you accept credit cards?

- Yes!                                                                                  

Do you accept checks?

- Yes with a check acceptance agreement in which you must provide a credit card number as a check guarantee.  

Can you bill me?

- No.  To keep costs down payment is due at the time of service.